Site Plan Surveying in St. Clair County, MI

When you’re ready to develop a plot of land, a site plan is necessary to obtain the proper permitting for the project to move forward. Polaris Surveying, PLLC is here to be your complete resource for site planning in St. Clair County, MI. We take care of all aspects of site plan mapping, so you have a clear and precise picture of what the future of your development looks like.

Complete Planning

Site planning can be a cumbersome undertaking, chiefly because there are so many parties involved in the execution. Architects, builders, excavation contractors, landscapers, engineers and more are all critical in getting your development off the ground. A good site plan allows all of these professionals to work together in a cohesive, targeted way.

A site plan will show all major facets of a development, including the dimensions of the building, utilities, boundaries, topography of the site, grading and more. Together, these things form the plan that all parties will work from—from initial construction staking in St. Clair County, MI to pouring and paving and beyond.

Precise Surveying

Because there’s so much riding on your site plan—including permitting—it’s critical that all surveying is done as accurately and thoroughly as possible. Polaris Surveying, PLLC cuts no corners when it comes to providing you with a comprehensive site plan. We make sure everything reported is accurate and we double check our work at every step, so that you’re working with the most reliable information possible at every stage of development.

Residential or commercial, no matter the size of the development or the area of the lot being developed, rely on Polaris Surveying, PLLC for your site plan surveying needs. Our credentials speak for themselves and once we’re on site, you’ll immediately have peace of mind in our experienced team’s capabilities.

Contact us today by calling 810-395-8515 for more information. We operate out of Yale, MI, however we’re pleased to accept projects within 100 miles of our location, including in Sanilac, Lapeer, Macomb and Oakland Counties.