Elevation Surveying in St. Clair County, MI

Elevation surveying factors into a number of property-related issues. From buying flood insurance to determining the efficacy of a development, knowing where your property stands in relation to the geography around it is an integral piece of information. Polaris Surveying, PLLC is ready to provide you with reliable elevation data.

Generally, we provide elevation surveying for matters relating to flood plains. Homes located on a flood plain are subject to insurance barriers, while commercial tracts of land can find themselves in need of elevation certificates in St. Clair County, MI before development begins. In either case, our experts are able to perform precise surveying data.

The Importance of Flood Plain Surveying

Elevation surveying is the chief route to obtaining a flood elevation certificate in St. Clair County, MI. This document allows homeowners to properly purchase flood insurance from their insurer and helps to determine the proper fees for such insurance. For example, homes located in a central area of a flood zone may pay a higher premium on flood insurance than those located on the fringe of a flood plain.

Flood plain surveying is also mandatory as part of many mortgage surveys. This helps protect buyers and lenders against the hidden dangers of living on a flood plain. The results of an elevation survey can change everything from the price of the property to the appraisal of the land and more.

Determine your elevation

Before transacting land or developing an establishment, make sure you have all of the critical elevation data. The professionals at Polaris Surveying, PLLC can help by providing you with comprehensive elevation surveying that results in sound data, for use in a wide range of real estate scenarios.

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